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Set goals, action plans, engage and measure progress to adapt behavior to live healthier, happier, and longer through the Measured Health™ engagement platform.

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Measured Health™ Platform

Measured Health™ improves people's lives by collecting health data and using it to understand the state of their health conditions, impact of their behavior and treatment and providing measured improvement through a focus on positive behavior, social support and encouragement for individuals treating, caring for or living with chronic diseases.

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Measured Health™ Engagement Cycle

Set Measurable Goals

Motivate as you track progress toward target objectives.

Action Plan

Provide structured, guided plans that help provide professional guidance that is needed by you to succeed in their journey.

Social Engagement

Share with friends and family to provide encouragement and enablement.

Measure Progress

Assess compliance, progress and improvements. Determine which factor and behaviors lead to the best outcomes.

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